About Alexis

Mix one part Disney Princess, one part Halloween Town, and one part Passionate, Dedicated Actress. Finish off with a splash of Effervescence and add a sprig of silliness for color. You have just met Alexis Tipton.


It was only a matter of time before Alexis would catch the creative bug thanks to the fact that her mother is an amazingly talented, artistic jack-of-all trades and her entire immediate and extended family are avid supporters of the arts.


Alexis knew she wanted to be a performer the moment she saw The Nutcracker Ballet at the age of 3. Though she did not pursue dance, she soon found great joy and belonging in the form of theatre when she was only in Kindgergarten. She continued to develop and hone her theatrical skills for many years afterwards and still considers the stage to be her first love to this very day. She returns to it whenever she can.


Along the way, Alexis also developed a knack for mimicking and creating voices, reciting full film scripts from memory (much to the dismay of her older brother who was more often than not the victim of her incessant chatter when they were little), Music, and Singing. Her love of music was inspired by her mother's beautiful classically-trained voice/wonderful piano training, and her father's awesome habit of singing at the top of his lungs with reckless abandon to bands like The Doors and Bon Jovi.


Alexis grew up loving American cartoons such as Batman, Rugrats, Animaniacs, Aah! Real Monsters, Rocko's Modern Life, etc and anything Disney. She also grew up watching Japanese animated cartoons on Toonami back in the 90s and found friends along the way who also enjoyed "anime." In late 2008, Alexis was fortunate enough to audition with FUNimation Entertainment, one of the leading anime dubbing companies in North America. She has been working as an anime voice actress for them ever since and has voiced in over 150 titles for FUNimation alone. In that time, she has also worked on several video games for Okratron 5000 Studios as well dubbed around 10 Foreign Live Action films into English. Some of which were films that received critical acclaim overseas. Alexis does industrial voice over for local companies and has also lent her voice to various indie projects, including voicing and singing for Dorothy in a marionette rendition of The Wizard of Oz. Alexis also records Video Game projects in Los Angeles and is currently expanding her career into LA territory.


In summer of 2011, Alexis signed with her first agency and became an officially represented actress with one of the top agencies in the area.


In January of 2012, after Alexis graduated from the University of North Texas in December of 2011, she finally began pursuing her dream of acting in film. It was important to her to finish school before she began training for film because film is notorious for demanding strange and long hours that she was afraid would conflict with her schooling. Once she was free of school obligations, Alexis immediately joined an acting workshop to learn the subtlety and realness that is film acting. Having come from a theatre and cartoon VO background (arguably much "broader" forms of acting), she had her work cut out for her. Alexis was an active member of the acting company Class Act Dallas from early 2012-mid 2015 and trained weekly with Daniel Foster. Other mentors include Glenn Morshower, Del Shores, and most notably Steven Anderson, whom she still studies with today. Thanks to the teachings and guidance of these talented and giving mentors, Alexis is slowly building a career in film and has been part of several films and commercials.


From 2013-2016, Alexis also studied opera with the best music teacher she has ever had, John Green. Thanks to his coaching, patience, and encouragment, Alexis was able to build up more confidence with singing and reach new heights with her voice (Literally. Alexis is classified as a Soprano I lyric coloratura). Thanks to her newfound abilities and confidence in herself, Alexis has begun to pursue more singing opportunities and has been hired for numerous projects that require her to sing. In the summer of 2015, Alexis began working with two very accomplished, Los Angeles-based music producers and was able to work on various projects with them, recording in Dallas and Los Angeles. She has started writing music and hopes to continue to further explore music opportunities. 

In Spring of 2016, Alexis decided to take her career in a different direction and signed with a new agency. She is now happily represented by the Linda McAlister Talent Agency. 

in early 2017, Alexis made her ADR directorial debut at FUNimation Entertainment and has so far directed 3 shows for them. 


When Alexis is not living her dreams, she enjoys Reading, Writing, Event Planning, Watching Movies, Cooking/Baking, Interior Decorating, listening to music, trying her hand at new skills, and more.





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