Due to Covid-19, Most conventions for 2020 have been postponed or cancelled. Though some are still being advertised as happening, that could change as we get closer to the dates.


Right now, a lot is up in the air. Please keep checking the various websites for your local conventions for updates. I am currently treating all of my appearances as postponed for now until we have more concrete information. I hope we can all see each other again very soon. But only when it is safe to do so! 

In the meantime, I, and many other Voice Actors, are offering autographs through a company called VShout. You can buy a print or pop figure through them for me to autograph or you can mail in your own item for me to sign! It's not the same as a convention, but I hope it helps! Please Click on the square below to participate!  





Sending so much love to you all. Please be safe!

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